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Power Ups!

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Power Ups!

Personal Statement:

"Raging thunderlizard" style music fan that can play and sing a little - I am currently fronting Gunisment... oldscdhool, street level hardcore / fast core: music for "going off" to.

I am old, but dont let that fool you - because I am capable of a dazzling array of death moves, sniper skills and I am a nifty get away driver.


I have been in some great bands that did loads of amazing exploits and shenanigans(ravenstolethesun, Pray For Fire, coopah, Lured Into German Porn, Roused To Burning Homes) , some awesome bands that never got out of the studio (Kiloton Ebb, UNiT, Thousand Volt Sigh, Postkogeko, Uncle Buckshot) and some terrible bands that were... welll... hmmm.. best very forgotten.