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The Pineapster FX Militia


The Pineapster FX Militia is the official effects enthusiast group of Pineapster ... capable of all sorts of weird noises, kinda geeky, prone to changing their effects set-up more often than their underwear... a bit of rabble if truth be told, but they are well-equipped and knowledgeable. Some of them are actually in bands and the rest hope one day to see a lady naked. The PFXM thread is the longest-running on Pineapster.

To qualify for PFXM membership, you must have been an active member of Pineapster for at least three months and post a picture of your 'rig' in the PFXM thread. Once you've done this, you can request to join the group (PM the group administrator, red_riviera).

Remember to display your official PFXM number with pride...


PFXM#0000 - Sean Clark (Admiral Of The Fleet - Honorary Rank)

PFXM#0001 - red_riviera (Field Marshal)

PFXM#0002 - palmer_eldritch (Brigadier General)

PFXM#0003 - The Apostle (Sub-Lieutenant)

PFXM#0004 - Power Ups! (Master Gunnery Sergeant)

PFXM#0005 - Jurassic Park (Oberstabsgefreiter)

PFXM#0006 - Mike Deathray (Primo Caporalmaggiore)

PFXM#0007 - Nathan (Ensign)

PFXM#0008 - Darko (Petty Officer Second Class)

PFXM#0009 - Simon (Low Frequency Oberleutnant)

PFXM#0010 - TheLAB (Cornet ~ Video Cavalry) - MIA

PFXM#0011 - jackbomb (Bombardier)

PFXM#0012 - Alien Storm (Sub-Lieutenant)

PFXM#0013 - Jon 'Smithun' Wesson, or whoever he calls himself this week (Båtsman)

PFXM#0014 - the next 'orrible little recruit... you?

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PFXM Annual Report / Medal Ceremony / Promotions:

PFXM Annual Report / Medal Ceremony / Promotions:

Wed 1st December, 2010

PFXM Annual Report / Medal Ceremony / Promotions: Read More »

Jehovahdrive Demo song

Jehovahdrive Demo song

Mon 24th May, 2010

[youtube:XOswWpA_-58] Read More »