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Stench Events Coming Up

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Sean Clark

Sean Clark

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Lots of exciting Stench news to report on:

This Thursday (11th March) sees Kanta Horio, ASMO, Geist FND vs Auxilec and DJ Myoptic at The Independent Arts Centre on Humberstone Gate.

Friday 9th April will see Stench VII at The Independent Arts Centre with Cursor Minor, Threep and more to be announced. This event will see live music, visuals and interactive installations. Contact if you want to show your work.

Saturday 7th August and Sunday 8th August will see "Stenchival'10" as part of the Summer Sunday Fringe Festival.
This two day event will host live music, visuals, installations, workshops and open sessions for experimental and electronic music and digital artists. Based at The Independent Arts Centre, there will be opportunities for creative interventions around the city. Contact if you want to get involved.

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