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"Like a tazmanian devil on cocaine!" - NME

  • Breaking The Ice (MP3 Audio, 0:36, 560.8 Kb)
    Album:Flowering Inferno

"Vitriol I.D. are a hard hitting mainstream rock band from the UK. Implosive, ambiguous lyrics echo the cries of a generation; the contrast in beatific and melodic guitar to dicordant waves of feedback add weight to the nomadic vocals."
"With a powerhouse of a rhythm section that have more attitude than 'name your dubious rock band', VID are on the attack."

Renegade Soundz magazine, 2006

"Imagine a drunken fight with Elvis Costello and Muse on one side, you've got Nirvana and say, the Stranglers on the other. Imagine that, and you're not even close to the sheer bile of Ilett's acidic furies and rage. Like a Tazmanian Devil on cocaine."


"Acerbic revenge anthem with hook and riff to die for"


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