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The Authentics


Fighting to be heard and with a new look, new sound and new attitude, The Authentics are and always will be a band of the people and invite you to a series of bitter wild encounters, squeaky bed springs and in your face stage shows as they take to the horizon with their stormy and controversial hi-volume new album “Blondes Make the Best Victims?”

Already being hailed as one of the most anticipated albums to come out of the UK underground rock scene, The Authentics release their debut L.P. on CD and online on 06/10/06. In true Authentics style, the album has been produced by the band themselves and released on their UNOB label and contains songs that have already become essential anthems in their live shows.

The album represents a huge leap for the band who have been honing their craft for the last two and half years with live festival shows at the Bulldog Bash in 2005 & 2006, the DNA Festival, Glastonbudget and all the major venues in the UK.

Erupting with positive reviews from the likes of Five Miles High, the BBC, Metal Hammer, Powerplay and Black Velvet, The Authentics will be embarking on their biggest tour to date where you will be able to hear exciting hi-octane tracks from the album such as “Frustrations and Ultimatums”, “Beat Me (for an apology)”, “Let Go” and “Face the Writing on the Wall”.

After the success of the “Spark It Up” Tour in May which coincided with their 4 track “Supercharged E.P.”, the band have high hopes for their forthcoming shows after using community website Myspace and their own Official site to interact with fans from across the UK and the rest of the world.

Their site currently features a streaming music video for “Four Walls” which used stop motion animation that was influenced by the silent German expressionism films of the 1920s and confirms the band’s fascination of cinema and imagery which has resulted in an album title quoted from master director Alfred Hitchcock.

Already known for their love of heavy rock inspired anthems and sing-along choruses, “Blondes Make the Best Victims?” demonstrates the bands more mature song-writing on this album has seen them tackle such topical and divisive issues as media witch hunts (“Pervert”), female perpetrated domestic violence (“Beat Me”) and the destructive forces of loneliness and despair (“Heartbreaker”).

Other movie inspired songs come in the form of attention grabbing rocker “Behind the Mask” , which looks at the real life story of Troy Hurtubise, who was captured on celluloid in “Project Grizzly” and is noted for his bizarre bear-suit creations that he tests on himself in incredibly dangerous ways and “Shot in the Dark”, whose title is from the legendary Peter Sellers film of the same name, a star the band all love and are inspired by.

The band have also taken inspiration from their day to day struggles with “Let Go” showing one person’s dissatisfaction for working in consumerist culture, “Burn What Remains” is a paean to times best forgotten, whilst “Licence to Chill” reminds the listener to relax and “roll one” from time to time.

With this added dimension to the band’s already popular sound, The Authentics heart is still with rock n roll and their fast paced rise and gritty reputation has seen them blend a unique heavy rock style with intelligent in your face raging lyrics about the British streets around them.

Pulse Unsigned have already playlisted the tracks and The Authentics are encouraging all fans of sleazy outrageous rock to grab the volume dial and turn it right up to eleven.


- 101
- Lost Night
- For You, Christina

Small Town Heroes E.P.
- Small Town Heroes
- Rockstar/Popstar
- Circle

Message to All the People
- Let Go
- Never Do It Again
- Lost Night
- Pervert

The Right Stuff
- The Right STuff
- Four Walls
- Four Walls Remix

Back Down to Earth
- Back Down to Earth
- Natural Born Thriller
- Popstar/Rockstar
- Retribution

- Supercharged
- You Wanna Be Me
- 15 Minutes of Shame
- The Right Stuff Remix

Blondes Make The Best Victims?
- Behind the Mask
- Let Go
- Face the Writing on the Wall
- Heartbreaker
- License to Chill
- Shot in the Dark
- Burn What Remains
- Pervert
- Don't Disappear
- Frustrations and Ultimatums
- Beat Me (for an apology)

Mike - Bass and Lead vocals
Dave - Drums and percussion
Gray - Guitar and Backing Vocals
Jon - Guitars

Email: theauthenticsuk@yahoo.co.uk
Web: www.theauthentics.co.uk

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12 bar live
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