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The past year has been a non-stop rollercoaster ride for Leicester trio Firebrand. Tours of Italy and The Netherlands, prestigious support slots for Nashville Pussy and The Buzzcocks, a Summer Sundae Festival appearance, a first-rate demo by Grammy-Nominated producer Alan Smyth (Arctic Monkeys/Pulp),airplay from Steve Lamacq and XFM, a wildly sought-after slot at the 2006 In The City showcase, a mammoth 4K Kerrang! Review and an appearance on Channel 4’s MobileAct Unsigned, Firebrand are exploding onto the British music scene with off-the-wall charisma, ruthless ambition and killer tunes.

Comparisons to Sonic Youth and Tsunami Bomb are flattering, yet still do no justice to the dynamic, progressive punk sound that Firebrand has mastered. BJ’s haunting melodic voice and eccentric guitar riffs power against Sarah’s razor-sharp snarl and eyebrow-raising bass lines which are all held firmly in place by Wunderkind Chelsea’s authoritive percussives.

With more charm and wit than a string of Jane Austen heroines, Firebrand’s energetic and charismatic live shows alone turn heads, but it is the sophisticated yet chaotic music which is really getting these girls noticed.


"Gobby, arse-ripping New Wave punk given an intelligent modern-girl makeover"
STEVE BEEBEE, Kerrang! Magazine, 31st Jan 07

"Firebrand are precisely the sort of band who could leave a mark on the UK rock scene"
GRAHAM FINNEY, Planet Rock, March 07

“They consist of three disgustingly talented girls of average age 20. Unlike most punk-fuelled bands, they play with ninja-style dexterity, pulling in frequent time changes, libidinous bass grooves and the most unlikely of hooks”
Extract from Kerrang! Magazine Review - Issue 1145, 10th Feb 07

jono@rainstudios.com 07801 837 303

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