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Cardboard Shed

Cardboard Shed

Cardboard Shed is the solo work of 25 year old Gary Walkden, formerly of the now separated Leicester band Kinago.

Gary began work on his limited edition debut EP 'Gone and Forgotten' back in July 2005. He now detests that title and wonders what the hell made him come up with such a silly set of words. It is meant to be thought of as a brief introduction to his music.... The EP contains 9 songs some of which were originally written back in 2001.

Work has now been completed on the official debut album 'Sand and Plasticine'. The album contains 10 brand new songs recorded over the past 4 months. You can find further details regarding the album on the official Cardboard Shed website www.cardboardshed.com

Please watch this space or visit the Cardboard Shed website for up to date information on this release.

Email: info@cardboardshed.com
Website: http://www.cardboardshed.com

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  • A Rhythm In Me (MP3 Audio, 4:01, 3.7 Mb)
  • It May Be True (MP3 Audio, 2:43, 2.5 Mb)
  • Youth Eraser (MP3 Audio, 3:48, 3.5 Mb)
    Album:Sand and Plasticine

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