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Brett Richardson

Brett Richardson is a singer-songwriter, band member, session musician and guitar teacher from Wigston in Leicestershire.

He can most often be found playing guitar or bassoon, singing, producing and arranging with ist. He recently appeared on recordings by The Nightingales, Uncle Frank and Evil Dick, and in regular free improvisation events in Leicester.
Find info on these bands here:~
http://www.istianity.co.uk/ - ist
http://www.thenightingales.org/ - The Nightingales
http://www.unclefrank.co.uk - Uncle Frank
http://www.polemicmusic.com - Evil Dick

As a solo performer he plays an assortment of melodic songs on his cherished 12-string guitar, or an assortment of comedy numbers by Monty Python, The Shirehorses and so on.

He often refers to himself in the third person.

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