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Formed in 2005, 27Brigade have risen from a handful of ideas to play some of the best venues in the East Midlands, with some of the best live acts around and two complete recording sessions, the product of which set to make it onto an EP in the near future.

Experienced musicians from different musical backgrounds, playing music because they enjoy it and their enthusiasm for what they do rubs off on those around them, with followers and fans making repeat visits to their live shows. With songs that demand your attention, part time professionals with full time jobs, their full potential to produce music to blow everyone away has not yet been fully realised

Described recently as: "One of the best unsigned bands around"; "The greatest band to come from the East Midlands since Family" (actually I made that last one up).

Dirty Rock and Roll with a passionate heart beating inside, 27brigade's sound can be likened to Libertines/Dirty Pretty Things dancing with the Kings of Leon and BRMC at the best disco in town.

Reasonably successful in a short space of time, 27brigade have supplied music for the soundtracks to Sky's Race To Dakar and Channel 4's Freesports On 4 series. This year's major label supports include The Young Knives at Loughborugh Uni and Tiny Dancers at The Charlotte.

Email: john@mostynst.wanadoo.co.uk
Website: http://www.myspace.com/27brigade

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